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About Photography Blog- Learn How to Achieve Amazing Traffic Growth in 6 months!

About Photography Blog is a street photography blog produced by Martin Kaninsky. The site features a collection of how-to articles, photography equipment reviews, some nice biographical pieces on the masters of street photography, and finally, some original photography by the publisher.

The street photography category remains very popular among photographers and art collectors alike. I’ve been a big fan of the genre for years and was particularly excited to get started with this review!

How to create a great photography blog site

About Photography Blog – By The Numbers

Here at Breakout Blogs, we’re all about explosive growth, so let’s pop the hood and see how Martin is doing this!

If we look back as recent as March of this year, About Photography Blog had zero traffic. If you have started a new site with a fresh domain, this is to be expected. However, hard work does pay off.

Last month (October 2020) Martin’s traffic soared to 2700+ monthly visitors! As you can see from the graph below, the traffic was not the product of an unusual spike, but from steady growth. If this is a stock chart, I’m buying!

About Photography Blog search engine traffic details
About Photography Blog has experienced incredible growth!

About Photography Blog is succeeding in a very popular niche of street photography through the use of great on-page SEO (search engine optimization) and carefully selected keyword terms within the niche’.

While this site is still in the early stages of growing a large number of backlinks to improve page rank, Martin has done an exceptional job in article marketing. He has succeeded in getting several of his posts published (and linked back, yea!) on sites with very high domain authority. Nice work.

Start off with quality photography examples and a solid writing style

About Photography Blogs succeeds by blending lengthy, informational content. This is important if you’re interested in keeping visitors on your site and/or looking to monetize your site, which Martin may plan to do in the future.

Each post is well thought out, informative, and helpful to the reader. These are key points for anyone looking to increase on-page time and reduce bounce-rate (landing on one page and leaving).

The graphic design is consistent and employs a minimalistic theme, which fits the overall feel of the site.

Martin shows his SEO knowledge by creating content on an array of topics which all goes to support the overall street photography blog theme of the site.

In recent months, About Photography Blog has been consistently publishing content which has resulted in an increase in SEO ranked keywords. The growth in ranked keywords also tracks the overall traffic increase.

You can find his writing and original photography across a number of platforms all linked back to the site. Well done!

About Photography Blog - SEO ranked keywords
Excellent growth of SEO ranked keywords

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Site traffic

About Photography Blog is quickly establishing itself within the street photography community. Combining his excellent writing ability, original photography, and last but not least, content marketing skills, can help explains the fast growth of this site.

Load time

One item many site developers overlook is website load time. Google has increased its use of load time data when ranking sites. While content is still king, look for ways to improve the user experience as much as possible.

About Photography Blog has an average load time of approximately 10 seconds. Since photography blog websites tend to have a large number of images, being able to manage this is key.

If you’re using a WordPress site, be sure to try the Smush plugin to compress your photos. It’s a free plugin, with a premium option available for a site with a lot of images. Photography sites tend to have larger image sizes versus other categories that use photos to compliment the writing, so I highly recommend it checking this out.

The use of image compression may improve the load time for this site. About Photography Blog looks to be hosted with SquareSpace. I use WordPress for all of my sites and am not too familiar with plugin equivalents for that platform. A quick search turned up this article on how to resize and optimize images for SquareSpace, which may be helpful.

Mobile Responsiveness

About Photography Blog was built using a responsive theme, which means it is designed to scale and display great on all platforms. I looked at the from a variety of cellphones, tablets, and desktops… perfect!

Quality of Content

I really love the look and feel of this site. I tend to favor a very clean and straightforward theme design, and this one works for me.

I enjoyed the variety of topics published. Martin clearly understands the subject matter and presents it in an easy to digest manner.

As someone who worked as a professional photographer for many years, I found the information discussed to be very interesting.

I enjoyed the mix of product reviews, informational posts, comparative pieces as well as Martin’s photography.

Frequency of content

Martin has the production of content down pretty well. He is frequent and consistent with his postings. Google and your readers will love you for this!

Length of content

The sweet spot for the length of content is approximately 600 – 2500 words if you’re interested in increasing your rankings in Google. A quick survey of a few posts shows Martin is consistently in the 700-1000 word range. That works.

Search Engine Indexing

A snapshot of indexed pages with the top search engines shows that About Photography Blog can build on its growing momentum as more pages get indexed within Google. Since there has been a large amount of content created on this site recently, a couple month’s time should see these numbers increase significantly. It can take up to 6 months for your pages to reach their best ranking after they have been indexed.

about photography blog - indexed pages in search engines

Final Thoughts – About Photography Blog

I really love what Martin has put together and continues to create. I have a soft spot for photography blogs in general, and this site is right down my alley.

Here are a few closing thoughts:

Use of “.blog” TLD (top level domain)

While I knew they existed, it never occurred to me to use a “.blog” for a blog site. It fits perfectly with this example. The next time I search for a domain name, I will definitely be more mindful of them going forward.

Masters 2.0 section

The articles were well written, and I liked the way Martin injected quotes into the writings to give them an interview feel. I thought they were great and look forward to reading more. My only suggestion would be to add a link to this section on your primary menu. This is great content and should be easier to find.

High ranking keywords

The ability to rank highly for competitive keywords is a skill and a marketer’s dream. I noticed About Photography Blog ranked near the top for several Leica camera models discussed on the site and I didn’t pick up on any affiliate codes associated with the products. The same can be said for all the products mentioned on the site. It appears there is a great opportunity to generate revenue from the existing content.

Use of your site logo

I see your nice looking logo at the end of your articles. I might suggest seeing what it might look like in the header of your site.

That’s a wrap! Keep up the great work Martin, and I’ll be sure to check back in with you in the not-so-distant future. Again, well done!

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