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See our hand-selected collection of talented artists representing some of the best photography blogs which feature exploding viewership and reach, while showcasing beautiful photos, photography tutorials, equipment reviews, and more. Learn how to start your own photography blog and top your competitors!

best photography blogs to help you start your own business
Start your own professional photography business!

What are the best types of photography to pursue as a career?

This is probably the most challenging decision to make when you are starting your career in photography. When you consider all of the various subjects there are to capture, and the different ways to create the image, the field of photography really is unlimited.

There are opportunities for everyone in photography, and the varied types of photography jobs are just as exciting.  In this section, we feature some of the best photography blogs across the photography landscape to highlight those photographers that are truly succeeding!

Here is a list of popular photography job opportunities

The field of professional photography has dramatically evolved in the past twenty years due in large part to the advancements in digital photography, and the growth of the internet.

The digital age seen many of the iconic photo companies disappear. Evolve or die, as people like to say. However, the photography industry today has never been bigger. The creation and use of digital photography have exploded.

Here’s an amazing site that will give you a new perspective about just how enormous and active online communities are today and they all use photography in some fashion!

Below are just some of the careers in photography blogs I would encourage you to explore:

  • Wedding Photography Blogs
  • Portrait Photography Blogs
  • Product Photography Blogs
  • Event Photography Blogs
  • Fine Art Photography Blogs
  • Fashion Photography Blogs
  • Travel Photography Blogs
  • Advertising Photography Blogs
  • Lifestyle Photography Blogs
  • Pet Photography Blogs
  • Sports Photography Blogs
  • Stock Photography Blogs

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