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Black Coffee Beautiful – Smashing 10x Growth Over 9 Months!

Black Coffee Beautiful is a blog focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Laura Yoder is the publisher of this lifestyle blog. In addition to running this site, Laura has garnered quite a following on her Instagram site as well, fast approaching 16,000 followers!

Let’s jump straight to the traffic! If you’re featured on this site, you know the traffic growth must be impressive. And impressive it is!

Since February 2020, Black Coffee Beautiful has seen amazing growth in visitors. As we can see from the chart below, monthly traffic has increased from 100 monthly visitors to 1000 in just the past 9 months!

Laura clearly understands the power of cross-platform promotion. While having a solid Instagram presence, her Pinterest account appears to be a significant traffic source. Nice work.

Traffic growth - Black Coffee Beautiful
Black Coffee Beautiful has shown a traffic spike in the past 9 months.

What I find interesting about this site is the range of subject matter or post topics that rank well. This is a great strategy since having only one keyword or keyword phase focus can take time to gain traction and limit your overall reach.

With a domain authority of 4 and less than 50 dofollow backlinks, Laura has done a masterful job of driving visitors to her site through alternate channels.

Laura has followed a disciplined strategy of creating content within her niche groups of lifestyle, coffee, fashion, and photography. As a result, she has found success ranking highly within Google for the following keywords, just to name a few:

  • photography for blog
  • nespresso cold brew
  • cute style
  • casual chic

That’s quite an accomplishment for a emerging site!

How to create a great lifestyle blog

Start off with quality lifestyle photography and writing styles

Black Coffee Beautiful succeeds by creating informational content with transactional copywriting, complete with affiliate product placement. 

Each post is well designed, informative, and helpful to the reader. These are key points for anyone looking to increase on-page time and visitor engagement.

Also, the graphic design is consistent and balanced throughout the entire site. Very nice job of branding.

Laura shows her knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) by creating content on an array of subject matter which she has clearly identified as the core topics.

In recent months, Black Coffee Beautiful has shown an increase in SEO ranked keywords. From January through October, ranked keywords have grown from 817 to 3764. That’s a strong improvement!

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Strong keyword rankings result in dramatic traffic growth!

Site traffic is quickly establishing itself within the lifestyle niche products. As previously mentioned, the growth is coming from a variety of keywords which is quite advantageous.

Load time

One item many site developers overlook is website load time. Google has increased its use of load time data when ranking sites. While content is still king, look for ways to improve the user experience as much as possible. has a load time of around 7 seconds. This is due in large part to numerous javascript running (affiliates), page redirects, as well as the larger image sizes used.

If you’re using a WordPress site, be sure to try the Smush plugin to compress your photos. It’s a free plugin, with a premium option available for a site with a lot of images. Lifestyle photography sites tend to have larger image sizes within the articles, so I highly recommend it checking this out.

Mobile Responsiveness

Black Coffee Beautiful was built using a responsive theme, which means it is designed to scale and display great on all platforms. I looked at the site on a variety of cellphones, tablets, and desktops… perfect!

Quality of Content

Here is where this site truly shines. The fact that Laura stars in her own production is a game-changer for me.

The benefits of having a variety of topics has been previously noted. While I discussed the increase in load time due to the larger images, they are also why I enjoy this site so much.

Love the use of lifestyle photos! Of Laura, by Laura. What’s not to like about that? The graphic design is simple and straight-forward, letting the content speak for itself.

Frequency of content

The content is published at a consistent rate, which is key to pleasing the search engines.

Creating solid content for multiple platforms takes planning and dedication. Staying focused is tough work, but the rewards are evident. Great job!

Length of content

Content length is been heralded as one of the key elements for search love. While most of us understand the benefits of long, authoritative posts, not everyone is Brian Dean. Also, not every style of content lends itself to 2000+ words.

In reviewing several of Laura’s posts, it looks like most come in around the 700-1000 word range. To me, that’s perfect for this type of site.

Search Engine

A snapshot of indexed pages with the top search engines, Black Coffee Beautiful can build on its growing momentum as more pages get indexed within Google. It is important to frequently monitor search consoles to verify that submitted site maps are up to date and error-free.

Site maps allow search engines to crawl and discover all the great content you have produced.

pages indexed in search engines

Final Thoughts – Black Coffee Beautiful

Laura definitely has her ship headed in the right direction. It is clear to see all the effort Laura has dedicated to this site, or rather the brand itself across several platforms. Creating content is a time-consuming undertaking, which is why it’s important to pick a niche you are passionate about.

Also, for a growing site, it is good to see such strong rankings for quality keywords with transactional potential!

All indicators point to continued growth going forward. Well done!

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